Sunday March 24 , 2019

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Maximum Value

Most negotiations are done reactively and tactically. That means that negotiation does not begin until the other party makes the first move, only then are negotiating activities deployed.

Reactive negotiating is detrimental to success. Proactive negotiating creates benefits.

Negotiations that can refer to a detailed, systematized process have a definite goal in mind. but if there are gaps in the plan or deficiencies in the delivery of the system, negotiations become a harried and unfocused  sequence of events rather than a strategically-focused plan of attack.

My Home Selling System understands the “triangle of concern” as it applies to all buyers, and creates a repeatable plan of action for sellers.

Using this knowledge, a prepared seller can take steps to convey the value of their property and the certainty of functions to any qualified buyer. A perfect process can alleviate two of the three concerns leaving the buyer with a lone item to occupy their attention: another buyer snatching the perfect property from them.

Our strategy will be to execute the perfect pre-sale process; the benefits of this process will place you in the best negotiating position possible.

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